New Cookbook Love

New Cookbook Love

I saw this book; “The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making”, by Alana Chernila prominently displayed across the book store as I was cruising the bargain book section.   I stopped in my tracks.  I am not sure what surprised me most; that I could read the cover from that far away (the cover print is fairly large) or that this book seemed to be just what I wanted but didn’t know it yet.

There were only two of these cookbooks on the shelf and I grabbed one of them and began combing through it like I was looking at a long lost family photo album! These recipes looked fantastic, easy and the photographs were outstanding!  This was just what I needed to add to my cookbook collection!   All the way to the register I was trying to decide which recipe I would start with; would it be homemade mozzarella, graham crackers, toaster pastries, sauerkraut or her recipe for applesauce????  So many choices!

Oh well shoot, I will just cook my way through the entire cookbook, no problem!

I haven’t done that yet but I plan on to, really I do.  I just need to stop searching the internet for recipes and go back to the books I have on my shelves.

This really was a great purchase and I look forward to making my own mozzarella that she says is soooooo easy and her version of twinkies look just terrific.  There really is no reason at all to fill ourselves with all kinds of unnatural chemical laden ingredients day in and day out in our food.  If you are able, plan ahead and make something from scratch- you won’t regret it!

By the way I dont know Alaina, I am not getting paid by her nor is there any other incentive provided to me by anyone connected to her cookbook-I just like her book and thought I would recommend it.   Be sure to check out her blog too:

happy cooking!

I wish I could say that I cooked a fabulous dinner for the 4th of July out of this cookbook

but-this little booger still has me distracted!

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  1. Thanks for this helpful info Muna. I love reading your blog entries and appreciate your home cooking! Keep it up.

    • Awww Deb-thanks for the lovely comments and thanks for stopping by! if you’re ever inclined let others know about my blog!
      BTW I love your pet photos!

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