Natural Scents

Natural Scents

I love natural scents.  You wont find a scented wall plug- in or funky smelling melting wax in my home-unless you walk in my daughters room, she loves that stuff!

All of that stuff makes my nose stuff up and my eyes itch.  I sound like my mom right now.

I do like things to smell clean and nice so I use natural fresh scents whenever I can; like cutting fresh herbs all summer long and drying them inside or leaving them in a vase on the counter in the kitchen.  You would be surprised just how much scent they give off.

I have done that with Dill, basil, sage and cilantro.  Granted it does not smell the entire house up but it also doesn’t make my nose stuff up!  Above is a small bouquet of cilantro I let bloom in the garden

Below is some globe basil in a cute little vintage vase.

Above-Lilac and thyme I threw in a mason jar.

For a household air freshner spray I make my own by mixing distilled water and rubbing alcohol and add an essential oil.  Smells so good!

2 parts distilled water

1 part rubbing alcohol

Essential Oil  -I like mixing Lavender and Rosemary

And of course let common sense prevail and dont spray this on your silk items etc…

In the fall I take a small sauce pan and let it simmer with cinnamon sticks, some nutmeg and cloves- Now, that makes the house smell so yummy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I think scents are so important to enjoying our day, feeling calm energy, and simply being surrounded by another form of beauty. Glad I found your blog, it seems like our philosophies/interests have a lot in common. You’re always welcome to visit me at my little corner of the Internet ( to add your thoughts or just say hi.

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