Prosecco + Juice + Fruit = Refreshing

Prosecco + Juice + Fruit = Refreshing

It was so hot today this beverage hit the spot!

I used to make this fruity bubbly beverage for my husband and I to drink during hot summer nights as we ate dinner on the patio. It involves Prosecco and fruit chunks and juices. For the kids I would leave the Prosecco (sparkling white Italian wine) out and just use Pellegrino or some other water with “gas”.   Have you ever been to Italy? When you order water they ask you if you want it with gas….makes me smile.

You can call this a white Sangria or just refreshing.  The recipe is flexible and not finicky.  Just play around.  I usually use a orange blended frozen juice concentrate that I may have on hand.  I have also used Peach nectar in place of that, which is delish!

Start with half a glass of your juice add two capfuls of Limoncello or in my case Orangecello (YUMMY!!!) and throw some handfulls of sliced peaches, apricots or plums and fill glass the rest of the way with Prosecco (or Pellegrino) and ice.   Are you getting the idea that this recipe is truly flexible?   I am thinking that as an added boost of flavor it might be nice to chop your fruit a few hours before and let them soak in your limoncello or orangecello or schnapps…….I might give that a try next time!

Drink outside on your patio and chill!

Yes that’s basil in my beverage as a garnish!  Everytime I took a sip it smelled like Italy and summertime!  I also decided to use a Ball canning jar as my glass-made it seem less fru-fru!  Plus it held more.

What’s your favorite summertime beverage?

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  1. Life & Sunshine says:

    these look so good :) perfect summer drink

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